About Norwood

Established and situated in central west Toronto, Norwood is an accredited 60 bed Long Term Care Facility serving the residents, physicians, and active treatment hospitals in the area.

Norwood was completely renovated and expanded in 1994. Our facility now includes a main dinning room with a baby grand piano, an activity room, hair dressing salon, elevator, a closed in patio, and both a TV lounge and sunroom on each floor.

Care Plans

A care plan is established for each resident by a team encompassing Norwood's medical, nursing, dietary, and activity departments, along with the involvement of the resident and their family. Care conferences take place within six weeks of admission and are reviewed on a yearly basis or as required. The care plans are continually modified as the resident's condition changes or as new information becomes available.

Recreational Program

Monthly calendars are posted in every resident's room along with our monthly newsletter "Norwood Notes". We provide a variety of programs to meet their physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of every resident. Staff encourages all residents, family and friends to participate in all types of programs. Volunteers are actively recruited and are an important part of our multidisciplinary team.

Our regular visiting hours are from Monday to Friday 8 am to 9 pm. After-hours visitation is available under special circumstances.

Nursing Rehab/Restorative Care Program

Nursing Rehab/Restorative care focuses on completing tasks with the residents rather then completing the task for the resident. This program is aimed to promote independence and health by improving physical functioning and mobility, as well as maintaining cognitive functioning through the step by step process to build feelings of autonomy and self-esteem. These programs include group exercise, 1:1 walking/ foot peddler, door pulley, restorative dinning, dressing and grooming, active and passive range of motion, bed mobility, amputation or prosthesis care, eating/swallowing, and communication.


Menus are well thought out and planned by a dietitian and is approved though the Resident's Council. Modified therapeutic diets are available as determined by the physician, dietitian, and resident.

Residents are encouraged to use the dinning room, and room service is provided if required. Arrangements can be made for family or friends to join a resident for a meal.

Palliative Care

Palliative care is an approach to care for people who are living with a life-threatening illness. The focus of care is on achieving comfort and ensuring respect for the person nearing death and maximizing quality of life for the resident, family and loved ones.

Palliative care interventions are implemented in consultation with the resident/family/POA in order to:

  • Promote comfort.
  • Alleviate the mental and physical discomfort of the resident at all times without emergency measures C.P.R. (continuous oxygen be considered a comfort measure to discuss with family and physician)
  • Provide emotional comfort to the resident. Ensure company is available for the resident.
  • Provide the means for our terminally ill residents to have his/her spiritual, emotional and physical needs met.
  • Encourage family or significant others to be involved with care and treatment.
  • Allow residents to make choices about his/her care.


  • A smoke free environment is enforced
  • We conduct monthly fire drills during each shift.
  • Norwood is a non-physical restraint facility. A "Wanderguard" electronic security system and behaviour modification programs are used to ensure resident safety.


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